• Singapore Education Technology Conference
    “Learning 3.0: teams, terabytes and technology” (23-24 August 2017)
  • NextGeneration Learning Spaces
    “Classroom Immersive Experiences, Discussion and Gallery Walk to Experience Team-based learning facility layouts” (26-27 September 2017)
  • Learning Technologies Asia “Daring to train differently with the flipped classroom” (Singapore, 7-8 November 2017)


  • EdTech Asia Summit (Vietnam, 30 July 2017)
    Using TBL to guest lecture without a lecture
  • e-Learning Forum Asia (Hong Kong, 15 June 2017)
    Using TBL to guest lecture without a lecture

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  • Team-based Learning Collaborative (Orlando, 2-4 March 2017)

    Main Sponsor, 3 posters nominated for best poster, first user group dinner, Live TBL session using InteDashboard.

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Beginner’s Guide


    • Introduction to Team-Based Learning Video by University of Bradford Video Link
    • Team-Based Learning: An Effective Educational Approach Interviewof Julie Estis by University Francisco Marroquin   Video link
    • Step by Step guide to building a TBL course Video by Jim Sibley Video Link
  • ‘Fast Flip’ and the death of lecture style teaching Talk by Brian O’Dwyer  Video Link


    • The essential elements of Team-Based Learning (Larry K. Michaelsen, Michael Sweet)Link
    • Meta-analysis of 330 Team-Based Learning journal articles shows it improves knowledge scores in health education Link
  • American Association of Medical Colleges case study – Team-Based Learning in Duke-NUS Medical School Link


Posters and Presentations

    • Team-Based Learning Overview Link
    • Technology Based Team-Based Learning – Poster Link
  • Turbocharge career readiness with Team-Based Learning – Poster Link


    • EdTech Asia Summit 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – things I learnedBlog Post
    • How to use InteDashboard to log in 100 users in a TBL class within a couple of minutesBlog Post
  • Learning (and Teaching) in the flipped classroom: Blog Post
  • Cockpit to Classroom: Why I spent the past year building InteDashboard Blog Post

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