Using TBL to guest lecture without just a lecture – presented at e-Learning Forum Asia 2017

InteDashboard is exciting to be sharing an oral presentation at e-Learning Forum Asia, in Hong Kong!

The topic of our presentation was  “Increasing student engagement and learning outcomes with technology enabled Team-Based Learning (“TBL”) in a Mergers & Acquisitions lecture at the National University of Singapore”

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.09.13 AM

The approach

  • Took the view that the first 10 weeks of the course was like the TBL readiness assurance phase
  • Used the guest lecture time as a 4S application exercise
  • Gave a 20 minute lecture on the background of the situation (in this case an acquisition deal I was part of)
  • Followed this with several 4S application exercises related to the deal


For students (based on survey)

  • Overall feedback was very positive with a student recommendation rate of 9.4 out of 10 (or 76 when calculated as a Net Promoter Score)
  • Other ratings:  8.2/10 learning objectives met;  8.8/10 technology enhanced learning and 8.9/10 would recommend this format
  • Qualitative feedback was positive and described as “engaging”; however students felt that timing could be better with more time allocated


For TBL educators it may be:

  • A more engaging way to guest lecture
  • An easy way to introduce TBL to other classrooms / educators
  • A great way to demonstrate the value of TBL to industry by including invited guests as part of the TBL experience as content experts
  • A relatively easy way to create an authentic case (using a guest speaker for the source of material) rather than have to create it yourself

Download the slides here.


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