[Duy Tan Uni] Intro to Team-Based Learning

InteDashboad goes to Vietnam! Brian O’Dwyer—together with a team consisting of Dr. Bob Kamei, Dr. Kim Thai, and Dr. Michelle Thai—conducts a Team-Based Learning workshop for faculty at Duy Tan University in Danang, Vietnam on Dec 1–2, 2016.

Download the presentation.

Duy Tan University campus
New tech vs old tech: InteDashboard vs the good old chalkboard!
Group work in a classroom setting
Brian + Bob Kamei.jpg
Brian O’Dwyer and Bob Kamei after a TBL session


A video of medical professors learning about TBL through InteDashboard!

If you’re new to Team-Based Learning and want to find out more, read about what TBL is and why it works.

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