[LEARNTech Asia] Applying TBL Methods to Flip the Classroom

SINGAPORE – Brian O’Dwyer, Commercial Founder and Executive Chairman of CognaLearn presents at the LEARNTech Asia Conference 2016 on November 16, 2016 at Marina Bay Sands. Download the presentation.

Participants loved the session! A total of 58 participants logged on to InteDashboard within 3 minutes. How did we implement it so quick? Find out in 5 easy steps on this blog post. A post-session survey showed that at the end of the session, 100% of participants know what Team-Based Learning is all about and how it benefits instructors, students, and administrators. For that, we earned a 100% recommendation rate!

Here are some reactions to the session we got at the session:

  • High-energy, kept me awake and interested
  • Hands-on experience of TBL!
  • Actual case study and audience participation
  • Demonstration is effective to reinforce the concept
  • Well designed and well paced

Staff from Singapore Training Development Association (STADA) were among the audience, we’re proud to say that we’re now running a train-the-trainer TBL workshop for corporate trainers with STADA!

Photo by Anne-Ev Juette-Enzmann

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